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Stephin Merritt – Obscurities – Vinyl LP


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR25626 Κατηγορίες: , , ,

Barcode: 5034202028215

Originally released in 2011, Stephin Merritt (of The Magnetic Fields) offers ‘Obscurities’, a collection of Merritt’s hard-to-find recordings dating back to his time on Merge and prior. The 14 tracks on ‘Obscurities’ were recorded prior to the release of The Magnetic Fields’ seminal album, ’69 Love Songs’, the collection which established Merritt as one of this generation’s most talented songwriters.

Side A
1 Stephin Merritt–Forever And A Day
2 The Magnetic Fields–Rats In The Garbage Of The Western World
3 The Magnetic Fields–I Don’t Believe You
4 Buffalo Rome–Plant White Roses
5 The 6ths–Rot In The Sun
6 The Magnetic Fields–The Sun And The Sea And The Sky
7 The 6ths–Yet Another Girl

Side B
1 Stephin Merritt–Scream (Till You Make The Scene)
2 Stephin Merritt–The Song From Venus
3 The Magnetic Fields–Beach-A-Boop-Boop
4 The Magnetic Fields–When I’m Not Looking, You’re Not There
5 The Magnetic Fields–Take Ecstasy With Me
6 Stephin Merritt–When You’re Young And In Love
7 The Gothic Archies–You Are Not My Mother And I Want To Go Home

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Stephin Merritt – Obscurities – Vinyl LP