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‘Scarlet’s Walk’ is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter and pianist Tori Amos. It was originally released on October 28, 2002 in the UK. Her first studio album of original material since ‘To Venus and Back’ in 1999, the 18-track concept album (described by Amos as a ‘sonic novel about a road trip’) details the cross-country travels of Scarlet, a character loosely based on Amos, and was greatly inspired by the changes in American society and politics post-September 11, 2001. Topics explored on the album include nationalism, personal relationships, and the death of a close friend. Amos also took inspiration from the stories of her grandfather, who she claims was Cherokee and told her of the abuses against Native Americans throughout the United States’ history.

Side A
1 Amber Waves
2 A Sorta Fairytale
3 Wednesday
4 strange
5 Carbon
6 Crazy
7 Wampum Prayer
8 Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas
9 Sweet Sangria
10 Your Cloud

Side B
1 Crazy
2 wampum prayer
3 don’t make me come to Vegas
4 Sweet Sangria
5 Your Cloud
6 Another Girl’s Paradise
7 Scarlet’s Walk
8 Virginia
9 Gold Dust

Side C
1 Pancake
2 I Can’t See New York
3 mrs. jesus
4 Taxi Ride

Side D
1 Another Girl’s Paradise
2 Scarlet’s Walk
3 Virginia
4 Gold Dust

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Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk – Vinyl LP